Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Home Improvements and Big Plans

When I was little, I dreaded trips to Hechinger's (our then-local big box hardware store, RIP) with my dad (hi, Dad!). I have no memory of what he was shopping for all those times (gardening supplies, I guess?), just how absolutely boring it was to march up and down those giant aisles of hardware. The one thing I DO remember is how Dad would break up the monotony for me by sometimes darting quickly down aisles and pretending to hide from me, or by swinging me along as we walked.

How times change. This weekend, Mulch Boy and I visited Lowes AND Home Depot shopping for home improvement stuff (including duct tape), and MB had to drag me out of the hardware section. Just as I never thought I'd want to garden, I never dreamed I would have any interest in spending time in the hardware store, much less look forward to it. Yet there I was this weekend, getting excited about... grout. You heard me.

Mulch Boy and I have come up with A List of Things we want to get done around the house, and there are some big thangs in that list. One of them is to regrout and recaulk our bathtub. Another is to clean out our basement utility room (or, as we call it because we're such dorks, the "room of requirement"). And another is to replace the vanity and flooring in our guest bath. And we've decided we're doing it all ourselves. Gulp.

No doubt some of your are giggling at us for taking on standard home repair as though we're restoring the Roman Forum. Well, for us neophyte homeowners, it feels like that a little. (Okay, for this neophyte homeowner, anyway; Mulch Boy has more confidence in our abilties and probably isn't quite as impressed by all this as I am.)

Anyhoodle, I got me some grout, and a grout digger-outer, and a grout spreader, and some caulk, but no cault gun because I already have two. So I am ready and eager to start fixing up my bathroom... after we finish the basement cleaning-outing. As much as I am dying to get started with my grouting (seriously), I REALLY want to get that room of requirement (ROR) cleaned up so we can actually use it as a workroom and--maybe!--set up an indoor growing station. Mulch Boy got me a super-cool mini-indoor growing station for Christmas, and I can't wait to set it up. If I get the ROR fixed up, then I can assemble my growing station and lights down there, just like my dad always did when I was growing up. See? There IS a gardening connection after all!

Gardening Show Spoof

Found this while reading my morning funnies--heh!