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A tale of two flower beds, told breathlessly in pictures

Once upon a time, we bought a little blue house in Massachusetts. And this is how it looked the day we took possession.

And the front beds looked like this.

Not surprisingly, one of my first tasks was to attempt to liven up these beds, whose best features were the rocks (precious rocks!). So that fall I plopped in a few perennials (Montauk daisies, a rugosa, and some juniper) and planted 200 bulbs or so.

The next Spring, I was delighted and surprised when all the bulbs came up.

As the years (all three of 'em) passed, I added more perennials and shrubs. This is last year after a boatload of additions.

It's been a process, but somehow i've never quite had a full vision of what i wanted to do with these two beds until last year, when I started to consider the rock borders. Now I have a rock fetish; this is well known. I was thrilled when we bought the house to see so very many big rocks. Yay, rocks!

And yet, somehow, in particular with these front beds, they just didn't p…

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