Friday, January 11, 2013

New Year, New Resolutions, New Start

The Potato Queen is ashamed because she's not written word one since August, and that came after another two-month period of silence.

Luckily, the Queen is very enthusiastic about New Year's resolutions, and hereby resolves to cease her neglect of this blog and recommit herself to regular writing, at the same time as she abandons the notion that she's able to maintain this as a strictly gardening blog.

I love my garden as much as always, don't get me wrong. And I still love following other gardening blogs. However, the long periods of silence here reflect the fact that, when I'm not actively working in the garden, I'm pretty much focused on other things. Not visiting public gardens or studying new perennials. Not following the latest Monsanto outrages (well, not religiously, anyway). Not pruning my yard for winter interest.

No, I'm pretty much sacked out on the couch playing with my iPad, out to the movies with Mulch Boy, reading cookbooks, snuggling with the pups, roasting marshmallows in the toaster over, at the gym trying to work off those marshmallows, watching the Patriots, playing with my favorite Christmas present. (Yvonne the chicken puppet) (What?) Ya know, like you do.

Thus, Potato Queen and Mulch Boy will be changing direction. Yes, I will still be sharing our gardening adventures and hair-brained schemes. But I'll also be writing about movies we like, cookbooks we're trying, whatever the pups are up to, exercise goals, football tribulations, and so on.  And Yvonne the chicken puppet. (She is so great!)

SO great!