Friday, May 18, 2012

I was going to write something nice about the dogs

I mean, look at them. Aren't they adorable? And look at how they decided to pose so attractively in the new flower bed created by the dry creek bed. I've never seen them lie together in the sun, ever, and yet I turned around last weekend and there they were, ready for their closeup. Thank goodness Mulch Boy had his iPad there so we could capture the moment.


It's important to remember these moments so that I won't kill the dogs when they're not being so adorable. Like, for instance, the other day when I saw them rolling purposefully on the ground at a very specific spot in the backyard, taking turns at it. This is not unusual behavior, and so far this spring it's been harmless, resulting in grass-scented pups.

However, I did not anticipate that, with the accelerated spring we've had, Dead Baby Bird Season* might also be ahead of schedule. I got schooled to that fact when Charlie and Rosie came joyfully into the house and OMG THE SMELL OF DEATH. If you've never experienced it, count yourself blessed. If you've never experienced it on your beloved pets who just want to hug you and kiss you and share their good fortune, count yourself exponentially blessed.

Luckily, I had them cornered in the kitchen, and everybody got a good (albeit highly resented) washing. I then went out back to collect the corpse that caused the trouble. However, it was gone, I suspect down Rosie's gullet. But the stench was strong enough that the ground itself still reeked.

Back inside, the culprits were all "Why can't we go back out? Why did you have to use soap and water on us when we hate that? We are totally telling Dad." And I was all "Go ahead and tell him, he'll be on my side. And don't you DARE kiss me with that mouth, young lady!"

Luckily, they really are adorable, and by the time Mulch Boy got home from work, I'd forgiven them. I did tell Mulch if they did it again, it would be his turn to deal with the consequences.

*Dead Baby Bird Season: when all baby birds come to die in our backyard.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Miami hates us but at least The Avengers is awesome!

I just realized that I've still not posted a picture of The Completed Dry Creek Bed, post-planting, post-mulch. I'll try to remedy that in the next few days. Since the last posting, however, we've not been working in the yard, mostly due to The Disappointing Vacation in Miami Beach When It Rained Almost the Entire Time Except That One Day, and then rain back here at home (none of it in the basement, for a change).

The last weekend in April was to be our vacation this year: three days and four nights in South Beach. And the first day was glorious: we spent the entire day on the beach on our rented beach chairs, with our umbrella, alternately sunning ourselves or reading in the shade, taking a break every so often to play in the ocean, where the water was, in the words of another vacationer clearly from Boston, "like bathwatah."

Then the next day it started to rain, and it just kept on raining until we flew out on Monday. We came home feeling cranky and cheated. Oh sure, we had wonderful ceviche and mojitos, and we got our picture taken with that 7-foot-tall drag queen. But what about our relaxing beach vacation? What exactly did we ever do to you, Miami? We gave you all that money, what more did you want from us? You owe us, Miami!

Our consolation prize was the next weekend's premiere of The Avengers. And let me just say this: go see The Avengers a lot. If you even remotely have an interest in superheroes or comics or Joss Whedon or action or one-liners or girls beating up boys or giant green rage monsters or compelling evil masterminds or... Oh just go see it! And stay till the very end of the credits for my favorite Easter egg ever.

Beyond that, we've been doing a lot of lying around and reading, trying to make up for the lying around and reading we didn't get to do on the beach in Miami. Unfortunately, that has led to my back getting weak and achy from inactivity. I need to get back in the yard and work or back to the gym and work out the kinks. I'm hoping to weed today after work, but that won't happen if it rains as predicted.

On the other hand, I don't think I've read an accurate weather forecast in the last month, so maybe I still have a chance. The weeds are certainly ready to oblige: since The Reclamation, they've been sneaking back into the front yard beds, and there are quite a lot of big ol' intruders who need to be dealt with. Here's hoping I get lucky.