Friday, January 21, 2011

Bone Structure

This morning we woke to a terrifying dusting of snow here in the D.C. metropolitan area.  I wouldn't be surprised to learn that school openings were delayed two hours, giving how easily we panic in the Nation's Capitol over a few flakes. However, I was too preoccupied with my yard to notice the announcements (if there were any) on the radio.

Looking back, I realize I have not gotten around to describing and showing how Mulch Boy and I transformed our yards at the little blue house since we moved here.  But if you look here, you can see a little of the end result of our labors.  None of the beds you see were here when we moved in.  We built them all from scratch, first digging out the sparse turf for the giant front yard beds with a shovel, and then continuing with the rest later with a rented manual sod cutter (which only does the job about a hundred times faster).

Now the garden is full of dead blooms and stalks, leafless shrubs and bare tree branches. Yet this morning's bare dusting of snow lent a calm beauty to those brave dried stems and drew a quiet pale outline in the borders of all the beds.  Out of nowhere, I suddenly thought of Miss Trixie Delight, as portrayed by Madeline Kahn, in the movie "Paper Moon," and what wise words she might share upon viewing this sight:
You already got bone structure. When I was your age I didn't have no bone structure. Took me years to get bone structure. And don't think bone structure's not important. People didn't decide to call me "Mademoiselle" until I was seventeen and getting a little bone structure.
So glad we didn't have to wait 17 years to get our garden some bone structure.

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