Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Two months go by fast

It's not like we haven't been here all along. There was that one weekend in Boston, but otherwise Mulch and I have been right here. Only we've not been gardening at all other than mowing the lawn (Mulch) and plucking weeds here and there (me, and not enough).

Alas, am I a legitimate garden blogger if I don't have something to say or do about the garden all the time? Right now all I've got on my gardening plate is crabgrass, pokeweed, and a million billion cherry tomatoes. Does anybody want to read about that? Everyone else is posting their bloom-day pictures and describing the gardens they've visited and the new plants they're tending, and I feel like a poser.

I think I have to consider allowing myself to write about non-gardeny things when I'm not actually out there getting dirty and chewed up by mosquitoes. So I hope you'll forgive me if things get movie-centric or dog-centric while I wait for the weather to become more palatable to yard work.

"Sounds good to us."

"Dog-centric, please."


  1. Welcome back! As a sporadic garden blogger myself, I know just what you mean. But the great thing about recurring events like Bloom Day is that they force me to go out into the garden. Armed with my camera, and on a mission, I find actual pretty things in among all the weeds and brown stuff. That, in turn, entices me back out to the garden, if only to clear out enough weeds that I can see the flowers from my windows.

  2. I have 4 dogs. My goal is make sure I never accidentally post pictures of them pooping in the garden. :o)

  3. @Cherry: hi, neighbor! I was just looking at all your blooms--so pretty!

  4. @Mariposa: Snort! My pups like to confine their pooping to the most common walking paths.