Monday, March 25, 2013


I finally, FINALLY, got some planting done this weekend. Peas, kale, garlic, and mesclun seeds and bulbs are all in the ground--all of these new experiments to us as well. Yes, spring planting is finally underway here at the little blue house. So naturally it snowed 3-4 inches last night.

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. After all, the Post did predict snow. However, the Post also predicted a 90% chance of rain yesterday, when it didn't rain a drop. You learn to take weather forecasts with a hefty grain of salt here in the Washington metropolitan area.

Still, I could wish a little more accuracy from the day-of predictions. I have six potted perennials on my porch, now buried under three inches of heavy wet white, because I believed yesterday to be a washout and didn't get the poor dears in the ground. I can only hope that the garden center, who had them out in the weather themselves, judged rightly and these plants are hardy enough to withstand this meteorological disaster.

Three inches not a disaster, you say? Clearly you don't live in the greater Washington area. We shut down the federal government because it was SUPPOSED to snow. (Did the rest of the country even hear the term "Snowquester" or was that just us? Oh, we Washington wags!)

That, I expect, is why the fed is open for business today, when normally this level of snowfall at least rates a "liberal leave" policy. DC really took it on the chin for its panicky reaction to snowquester, the storm that wasn't. To be fair, while there were 3-4 inches on my yard in Falls Church (about 11 miles west of Washington), here in the district the lawn across the street at the fire house isn't even covered.

I can't complain, though. Much as I love the idea of a snow day, as a government contractor, I have to either use my vacation time or make up the hours within the pay period when my government office shuts down. So while I'd love to be home with a hot cup of tea, watching the dogs tear up the backyard, I'm relieved to not have to work overtime the rest of the week to make up eight hours.

This is what you get when you take a picture in the dark with your phone.
It's really quite lovely. Trust me.


  1. Snow on the first day of spring break? So bizarre! I annexed my rain garden on Saturday so I could use the rain/snow to troubleshoot any problems. Now that we've had the weirdest March I can remember, I'll take some warmth and sunshine, please!

  2. No kidding! I am ready to sit in the dirt and dig. The one day we were able to do this, I felt like a whole new Queen. Right now, I'm just praying my English daisies and other potted perennials didn't just buy the farm.