Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I cooked some feesh!

Mulch Boy is the designated cook at the Little Blue House. He's a born cook and a good one, and unlike me, he brought to our marriage a routine of cooking an actual full dinner for himself every night. Meat, starch, and veg, the whole shebang!

I, on the other hand, had popcorn and chocolate milk for dinner every Monday night. You see the difference.

It's not that I couldn't cook, or even that I didn't like to. I actually DO like to cook, very much, and lord knows I love to eat. But the routine of coming up with and making an actual meal? Every night? Not so much. You can imagine how lucky I felt when upon landing a catch such as Mulch. Talk about a meal ticket!

So upon making our home together, we divided our household labors, with Mulch taking on responsibility for the cooking and kitchen cleaning, and me taking most of the rest of the house and its associated chores.
However, even the most enthusiastic chef gets tired of the daily grind, and Mulch Boy is no exception. Especially after the last few challenging weeks, Chef Mulch needs a break.

Mulch Boy, I am publicly declaring to the Internet that I will take over at least two dinners a week. May the Interwebs strike me where I stand if I fail to uphold this pledge. (At the very least, if I fail you can out me here and my 26 followers can chastise me publicly!)

And I started last night! I made fish (aka, feesh). Not just any old feesh, either:  DELICIOUS feesh. It was even a little FANCY. In fact, it was this feesh right here. I used sea bass instead of tilapia because we had bought a big piece for cheapies on Sunday at Super H Mart, but other than that, I followed the recipe to the letter.

tilapia with scallions and black bean sauce recipe
Okay, mine didn't look that artful, but still.  TASTY.

It was super-easy, and super-fabulously good, too! I say that not to toot my own horn, but because it was so easy and good, I feel the need to share the recipe and declare: if you (like me) have been afraid to cook feesh, try this recipe and gain confidence. It is very flavorful, and NOT spicy unless you shake a little sriracha sauce on your serving at the end.

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