Thursday, June 20, 2013

How does my garden grow?

No doubt some of you have wondered whether Potato Queen and Mulch Boy was morphing into the Cornbread and Canning channel and abandoning its gardening origins. The answer, in a word, is NO.

But I did say early this year that I was broadening the scope of the blog beyond just the garden, so no doubt there will be more cornbread and canning. Frankly, I'm thinking every post should be about cornbread, as my cornbread post got more attention and love than anything I'd ever written about before.

Still, there's only so much cornbread one can bake or eat or wax philosophical about. So today, it's back to the garden and an update on what's going on there--in pictures!

Stoopid Airstream!
Big Bed by the street, and our old friend Stoopid Airstream.

Pretty lillies
Asiatic lilies. These guys came with the house and originally were lined up against the
backyard shed in the shade. They're happier here in the Big Bed. Also, the climbing
hydrangea in the back (also came with the house) has grown exponentially.

I love that little barberry.
My pretty little barberry (I think) at right, plus rocks and lilies, and coneflowers
getting ready to bloom.

Thanks, JElly!
Oak-leaf hydrangea: a gift from beloved friends JElly. After six years
(and the removal of the dumb maple tree, it's finally thriving!

Someday I'll replace the top on that birdbath.
Little view of the Big Bed and crape myrtle. close to the Little Blue House.

Blueberry bush purchased this year at Greensprings, covered in blueberries!

And they are delicious!
My old blueberry bush, with more blueberries!

Hands off, birds.
The blackberries, also from Greensprings this year, are coloring up.

The vegetable garden, going strong! Clockwise from top left, peas (still), taters galore,
volunteer taters galore, parsnips, carrots, beets, sweet bell and hot peppers, basil,
and four different tomatoes.

I don't care what Madonna says, I love hydrangeas.
Hydrangea in the back yard. This one is sometimes pink, sometimes
blue. This year, apparently it's pink.

Please don't die in our yard, little baby birds!
These guys, however, are always blue (although they are pretending
to be pink in this photo; how odd). Also, birds build nests in the
birdhouse every year.

Benign neglect succeeds again.
St. John's Wort, also conveyed with the house. Someone told me you're supposed to cut
this back every year, but six years in ours has thrived without a single trim.


  1. Everything looks great! LOVE those hydrangeas. I had to pull out my hypericum. It was taking over and I swear it only bloomed whenever I was in the house.

  2. Thanks, Tammy! And HA, I had to look up hypericum because I never know the latin names of anything, and I actually only knew my St. John's wort was St. John's wort because I had garden consultant Susan Harris from come and give my yard the once-over and she ID'ed it. I'm always jealous of y'all that know the names of everything you plant. I suppose if I put forth any effort at all...