Friday, July 22, 2011

Welcome to the Jungle

As I mentioned a few days ago, my garden is a horrible mess this summer. Under the best of circumstances, my garden lives by the philosophy of benign neglect. This is not a yard for sissies. If you need constant tending, you really don't belong here.

But this summer, benign neglect has been carried to an unreasonable extreme--so much so that "benign" hardly seems a fair word to use. In the interests of penance, I therefore share with you these pictures of the front yard. I haven't got pictures of the back to share yet. It's too painful to look at.

Somewhere in there are my shrubs.

Let's pretend the crabgrass is a border planting, yes?

The sidewalk needs a mow.

This is my DAD'S fault! There are some lovely geraniums and other
perennials in there, but they are swamped by a mind-boggling, aggressive
outbreak of black-eyes Susans. THANKS A LOT, DAD!

Although the Susans ARE pretty next to my Shasta daisies.
I forgive you, Dad.

Oh, what a world...

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  1. If I showed anything but closeups of my garden, Blotanical would take away my blogging credentials. It's nothing an afternoon in early fall won't take care of.
    Love the black-eyed Susans!