Friday, April 12, 2013

Mulch Madness 2013

It's come and gone and I can't believe it!  In less than a week, seven cubic yards of mulch have moved from the driveway to all the beds in the front and back yards. The front yard was done in two days:  last Friday after work and then during a three-hour mulch marathon on Saturday. Didn't this used to take us a lot longer? We must be getting good.

"I would mulch 7 cubic yards..."

"...and I would mulch 7 cubic yards more..."

(PQ weeding)

(PQ striking a truly awful pose)

"...just to be the man who mulched 7 cubic yards..."

" fall down at your do-o-o-o-o-or."
(Apologies to the Proclaimers)

The backyard was finished last night, after three workday evenings of weeding and mulch spreading. But it was coming on dark when we finished, so no pictures yet. But it looks fabulous. You can trust me.


  1. That is a huge bed! I love how voluptuous those curves are! Va va voom! Spreading mulch is such a good work out I should call it a class and charge people to do it for me. Maybe we sell Groupons for it. ;o) Hooray for having it done!

  2. Ha! When we moved in, there were no beds at all, just a big maple tree with a very patch yard underneath. So i decided to kill the little bit of grass that was growing there, and just copy my friend Elly's big curvy garden beds.

  3. Check out my current post and the Garden Love column on the right side. :o)