Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mulch Madness!

The last two years, Mulch Boy and I have had a garden center deliver a giant pile of mulch to our driveway--eight cubic yards, to be exact. It's a lot of mulch, but we end up using it all to cover our giant beds.

This year, however, we decided to be thrifty and collect our mulch for free from the city. Good ol' Falls Church lets residents AND nonresidents gather free leaf mulch, bless their hearts. So we're planning on renting a pick-'em-up truck from the Dee-Pot and gittin' us some mulchy goodness for free. Only I just read this...
"For comparison, if you received mulch delivery in the past, each truckload held approximately 5 cubic yards. A large pickup truck will hold approximately 1.5 cubic yards of mulch."
Gulp.  Does that mean we have to make seven or eight trips to get the mulch we need? I think Saturday night will be a pizza delivery night.


  1. I take it from the website excerpt Falls Church doesn't deliver any more? Last year I started paying for delivery from Alexandria rather than doing the multiple-trips-to-pick-up-my-own thing. It was so worth the $40. Unfortunately, they are starting later this year, so it will be FOUR WEEKS until I get my delivery. Still worth it.

    Happy hauling!

  2. Yah, Falls Church doesn't deliver, but you're saying Alexandria DOES? To nonresidents? That $40 would probably be the same as the truck rental we were planning on. I don't mind waiting four weeks. Hmmm...

  3. Sorry to be misleading, I think they only deliver to residents.

  4. Snif. That's okay, Cherry. We need the exercise anyway. Just pray for us it doesn't rain!

  5. One more thought: before the city offered delivery service, they allowed contracted trucks to pickup mulch for delivery within the city, and I'm pretty sure they even gave names of truck companies who provided this service. I don't have the list, but maybe someone else does. Might be an option for a less backbreaking way of getting yours.

    Good luck this weekend!