Monday, April 11, 2011

Bloom Day!

It's been bothering me that I have this gardening blog and have barely posted a picture in months. So today, I got my little self out and took pictures. Finally, proof, I really DO have a yard!

Daffies, daffies, daffies

These tulips turn orange-pink in the middle and they smell like lemon.

First bloom on my new viburnum I planted last year.

I love hyacinth. The smell IS spring.

Lilac in bud.

Flowering quince.

These guys were a surprise! I dug them up last fall and
never got them back in the ground. They are
The Bravest Bulbs Ever.

Baby's breath? A volunteer shrub from next door that
I encouraged.

My very stingy camellia's one bloom.

Cherry blossoms on our sour cherry!

Brave, brave hellebore.

Dogwood buds.

Forky collection. Because everyone needs three.

I have a niece who is an amazing photographer.
I wish I had her talent and could better capture
how beautiful this haze of green is.

Garden assistants, i.e., why the hellebore is so brave.


  1. What a beautiful Spring in your yard! I have much envy: quince, sour cherry, camellia, and viburnum are all on my "someday..." list. And now I think I need another fork or two.

  2. Thanks, Cherry! i bought three little viburnums last spring, and this one is the deciduous one. I think I bought them all AFTER they bloomed, so this really is the first time I've seen a flower on any of them. The other two appear to be evergreen here in Zone 7 and have no flowers yet.

    I didn't set out to own three forkies, but somehow I keep managing to bend one of the tines and am forced to buy a new one.