Monday, June 25, 2012

Filling in the blanks

After killing all those black-eyed Susans, I found myself with some wide-open spaces in The Big Bed in the front.  So last week, I made a little trip to my local nursery and walked out with, uh, a little more than I intended. As usual, of course, I can't tell you what all my purchases are specifically since I don't have the handy little plastic cards with me. Forgive the weird spacing; Blogger is not cooperating with me today.

Some aster things. The blooms are so beautiful and unusual, and as soon
as I got it in the ground, I had a dragonfly and bees checking them out.

These guys. They are very droopy and I think I need to stake them or
something.  Also, they are very very sensitive to the droughty weather.

This is hard to see, but I put in three lavenders here, enclosing
my yellow rose in a triangle, hoping the lavender will create
a natural mulch and prevent the million billion weeds that show
up under the rose every couple of weeks.

Three new geraniums to go with the old feller on the right.

Two new barrenwort to go with my old guy on the left.

The big picture. Hopefully the new guys will fill in these blanks and stave off
another black-eyed Susan takeover.

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