Thursday, September 9, 2010

High of 83?

That's what the weather forecast is for this weekend here in the DC metro area. If you live here, you know how astonishing and wonderful that is, as you have to be prepared for brutal summer heat and humidity to persist into October around here.

Sounds like the perfect weekend to get outside and reclaim my garden. If you've been following along here, you may have noticed that I appear to have been living in the past, relating my garden experiences of several years ago. That's because it's been a crazy summer at the little blue house, and sadly the yard has fallen victim to many other distractions.

But that is going to change this weekend. There will be weeding. There will be reorganizing. There may be... a trip to the garden center! I guess I need to dig out The Gardening Jeans and find my leather gloves. And then I will post pictures of what Potato Queen and Mulch Boy's yard is now.

Note to self: trim off all fingernails before I break them off clawing up dirt with my bare hands.

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