Sunday, September 26, 2010

Who are you?

During the killing spree, I came across a handful of little plants that I did not plant, but that I couldn't quite bring myself to tear out because I like them. Anyone out there know what these guys are, and whether I'm safe letting them take up permanent residence in my yard?

The little lanterns make it look like a volunteer tomatillo. What is it?

I love the leaves on this. Never saw whether it bloomed.

This had, I believe, tiny little bell-like flowers.

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  1. The first looks like Chinese Lantern Plant - which spreads by rhizomes, so if you're neighbor has it, it can spread. It can get invasive though, so I'd keep an eye on it.

    The third looks like a salvia, it probably had either purple or white flowers? Depending on what zone you are in, it can overwinter. This one is totally safe to keep.