Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Susan Harris on Sedum

I love me some Garden Rant, and Rant regular Susan Harris lives locally in the DC area. I actually hired her as a garden coach last Spring, and she was funny, informative, and just a really neat lady, the kind you want to be your new best friend. If you're in the DC area and need some garden coaching, I highly recommend consulting her.

Susan also has her own blog, Sustainable and Urban Gardening, and she's added this great entry on creeping sedums.  She also has a second article that goes into more detail about creeping sedums--the different kinds, how to make them happy, and the best choices for your little patch of ground.

I love sedums and have even before I started gardening. Before I knew what a succulent was, I was fascinated by Hens and Chicks and their thick, springy leaves. Once I started digging in the dirt and visiting the garden center, I fell in love with all the varieties I saw. In our front yard, I have (I think) four different kinds sharing a bed with black-eyed Susans (from Dad), Shasta daisies, purple coneflowers, zebra grass, and a flowering quince. It's getting a little crowded, though, and my little succulents are getting overshadowed. This Fall I think I'll be relocating a bunch of things so that everyone gets their fare share of attention. And find some new creeping sedums to add to the mix.

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