Monday, March 19, 2012

Full Disclosure: More "Before"

I believe I've mentioned previously how bad I am at remembering to take "before" pictures. Well , not this time, bub! Here I present The Backyard... BEFORE.

These first three pictures give you the panoramic view:

Well, that's not SO bad, is it? Oh yes it is. And here are the closeups to prove it. I'll be walking you around the entire back, starting at the left beside the deck.

Ah, the pile of leaves that's gathered in the corner,
burying the old recycle bin we no longer use. That giant
plastic container of paint and ancient fire extinguisher
were left by the former owners in the shed. Five years later,
we're only now getting rid of them.

Check it out up close to see all the weeds.
See that darkish line down the center of the picture?
That WAS the border of the bed.

Enough weeds to make a salad.

Actual would-be vegetable garden, with the one and only vegetable
I planted and that lived last year. I have no idea what it even was.
Charlie with his "Who, me?" face pretends that he does not routinely
sneak through the fence to graze in this "garden."

"Seriously, how can you think that of me?"
The hydrangeas: the glory of the backyard. Normally I clip all
of last year's dead flowers, but I think there are more pressing
tasks this year if the back is to be reclaimed.

Our patio. So inviting.

Behind the patio. Looking AWESOME by comparison.

This here's a favorite spot because of my climbing rose and,
more importantly, my boulders! When it's looking nice, it's
oh so nice. Today... not so much.

When we moved in five years ago, this hydrangea was literally
a stick in the ground.

Unhappy hellebore, beautiful dogwood, sour cherry tree, and
the magnolia that someone planted WAY too close to the fence line.

Volunteer butterfly bush on the left; mahonia, heather, nandina,
and in the very corner a volunteer shrub whose identity I've
forgotten. Behind the gate is the vegetable garden. In the right
foreground is the little compost pile

The smoker, sitting in what should be a completely non-green,
mulched area.

Front of the porch, with Rosie. Chicken wire, stones, and various
pavers are all there to prevent Charlie from going on adventures
under the porch.

After? We haven't made it to "after" yet. But with the completion of the front yard (posting about that tomorrow), Reclamation Phase B: The Backyard will begin this week.

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  1. I enjoyed your "before" shots. I've never been quite willing to lay it all out there like that. Good luck with Phase B!