Monday, March 26, 2012

Reclamation Days 11, 12, 13, and 14

Well! Phase 2 of the Reclamation has begun. Sunday, March 18, was Reclamation Day 11. This is the day we took the "before" pictures of the backyard, and then proceeded with step 1 of cleanup: raking and raking and raking and raking and raking.

This past Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were Reclamation Days 12, 13, and 14, and most of the credit must go to Mulch Boy, who is more than living up to his moniker. Friday we rented a turf cutter, and Mulch Boy proceeded to spend his evening sodbustin' the bed areas that had been completely overrun by weeds. Thankfully, Jack Palance did not drop by to protest.
Oh no! Look out, sodbuster!

Meanwhile, I mowed the back with my rotary mower, Moe, and then worked on restoring the edging on the beds on the right side of the yard with the help of Crappy Knife.


The weekend weather was rainy, and delicate flower that I am, I chose to stay inside. However, Mulch Boy, mighty man that he is, decided he was going to drag as much mulch to the backyard as was humanly possible between raindrops. I expressed my deepest gratitude by meeting him at the door with dinner and mojitos.

And now, in no particular order, pictures of Where We Are Now in the Process. Again, please check out "before" to better appreciate the following AFTER.

My one contribution: re-edging the border on
this bed (and some weeding) with Crappy Knife.
Pile of sod. From sodbustin'!
The mulch isn't even spread, and everything
looks so much better.
Lookin' good.
(Mercifully blurry) candid of the Potato Queen.
Strike a pose!
That sod was BUSTED!
You can see the patio again.
Really, no order to these pictures at all.
Again, the mulch isn't even spread yet!


  1. Nice work, Mulch Boy! I used the dreary weather as an excuse to mostly stay inside.

  2. Wel, I did have the Mojito Incentive!

  3. Mulch Boy! I am lucky to have such an easily motivated partner in mulch.