Thursday, March 29, 2012

Reclamation Days 15 and 16

Monday and Tuesday, Days 15 and 16.   Weeding and edging and mulching. The backyard is almost done--at least Phase 2 of the Reclamation is.  Phase 3 is so far only in our heads. And perhaps ill-advised for these two amateurs. But we already bought landscape fabric for it, so we're committed. I'll tell you what Phase 3 is in the next post.

As always, recall the "before."

And now, AFTER. 

Yes, this is the front yard, but it looked so nice that day,
I had to include a picture. I love a grey spring day; everything
looks that much greener.

It's like a whole other yard, yes? HEY, the sour cherry is blooming!
So much better. Also, a closeup of my finger.


  1. Hey, that's a hard-working finger. It deserved to be in the photo, too! Nice job.

  2. Potato Queen and Mulch Boy,
    Love the names and your blog. Looking good for spring at your place.
    Thanks for stopping by. I'm going to check in with you some more.

  3. Thanks, Cherry! That hard-working finger appreciates the recognition.

    Thanks, Sherlock! I just found you through Cherry's site and can't wait to see your garden as spring progresses.