Friday, March 2, 2012

Reunited, and it feels so good

So in the midst of Reclamation Day 1, I found a surprise.

Welcome back, old friend.
This is the hand weeder I used back at my old townhouse to clear the entire front and back yard of weeds and English ivy and honeysuckle. He was lost two years ago when I last weeded the front beds at the little blue house. I knew he had to be somewhere in the front bed, but all my careful searching turned up nothing.

This past Monday (Reclamation Day 1) I tore down all the dead black-eyed Susans in the front from last summer. Yesterday (Reclamation Day 2) I raked all the torn-out dead perennials to the curb and--wait!  What's that? Why, it was Weedy, come back to us!

Poor little feller is sadly rusted, but I'm hoping some steel wool will return him to...  well, if not his former glory, at least an improved state. Just in time for Reclamation Day 3.

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