Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Reclamation Day 3

Sunday was Reclamation Day 3 and it was quite productive. Crappy knife in hand, I continued my edging odyssey and managed to complete the edging of all the walkways--and the driveway for good measure.

When finished, I moved onto weeding my neighbor's bed (which I created for them and so maintain) and the long border of dead day lily growth that runs along the driveway on one side (revealing the already substantial new day lily sprouts underneath).

Last step was to rake all the mess to a big pile in the street and bag. But raking dirt clods turns out to be very tiring work, so by the time everything was piled by the curb, I was done in and decided to bag the bagging till next time. Anyway, I had been out there for three hours, and Mulch Boy was sternly insisting I was done for the day. And so, after quickly sweeping the last of the dirt from our walkway, I was.

Sadly, I was too immersed in the task to remember to take pictures, which would have included an impressive one of the front walk covered in piles of crabgrass and dirt.

What a dull post this is! However, today will be Reclamation Day 4. Perhaps more exciting events will transpire!

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