Monday, March 5, 2012

Reclamation Day 2

Thursday brought another day of sunshine and warmth after a day of rain, rain, rain, so out in the garden I went to continue The Reclamation. I have a bad habit of starting off with one goal and ending up doing something completely different. Which is why, instead of weeding The Big Bed in the front yard, I ended up mostly edging. With this.

What? What do you use your steak knives for?
Gardening tools take many forms. This crappy steak knife came with a set of six in a little wooden knife block that I bought for a buck over 20 years ago at a church rummage sale. They really are the worst little knives ever... for steak. However, they come in oh-so-handy for many other tasks, like slicing bread without having to dirty your nice bread knife that you'd then have to hand-wash. Or for opening that stubborn package of bacon that apparently has been sealed for your eternal protection. Or for stabbing open the seal on the new bottle of Tylenol because they don't want just anybody to get headache relief.

Or for gardening. This one was relegated to the garden some years ago, I think originally to cut twine. I soon discovered it was THE tool to use to slice open bags of mulch (with a big X like Zorro so it all dumps out easily). (This is a good tip; you should use it.) (Also, if you use this tip, you owe me a nickel.) (This was before I graduated from bags of mulch towed home in at least ten trips from the Dee-pot to having the garden center dump seven or eight yards of the stuff in my driveway. I think this is when you lose your amateur status as a gardener.)

Thursday, I was gathering my stadium seat (for sitting on the ground), my spade, my favorite hand trowel, Bitey, and lawn bags when I spied Crappy Knife in the corner of the shed, and I suddenly wondered: could this be used to edge instead of the shovels and trowels?


Oh boy!

Is... anyone else excited but me?

Seriously, this is, like, a big deal. If my lawn
was to be compared to someone's hair, it would
be the Unabomber's.

OK. See here on the right? That's how the
entire walkway was OR WORSE!
It's super cool, you can't convince me otherwise.

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